A Family trip : HK’s very own Museum of Money

If you are looking for ways to spend a rainy afternoon or an educational activity for kids look no far then the HKMA information centre aka Hong Kong’s own “Museum of Money”  at IFC 2. Admission is free and though its not a huge place its good enough for an hour or two and quite educational.

There is an exhibition area and a library. The exhibits kick off by introducing kids to basic functions of money and then moves on to describe life and security features of a bank note in HK.  I really liked an exhibit explaining HK’s linked Exchange Rate System. This is as good as it gets – Econ lessons 101 for elder kids. There is a lot of detail on how bank paper gets made, what kind of printing is involved and the overall work of HKMA.


Large glass windows offer you a great view of the seas on clear days and there is the very essential exhibit pointing out the famous buildings in the HK skyline.There are some interactive games as well for kids and hey of course in true HK style a souvenir-shop where you can buy paper-weights, key-chains and other sundry items fashioned with recycled paper notes.

A couple of the exhibits are pretty interesting information even for adults like the ones on Deposit Insurance where even I learnt some new stuff! Overall , its a great place to spend an hour or two. They do have English guided tours and you can check the information here.

My suggestion: Finish it with a piece of cake and a coffee at Fuel : a complete family trip indeed!

What?: HKMA Centre or Hk’s own “Museum of Money”

Where? IFC 2, 55th floor

When? M-F : 10-6 pm ; Sat 10-1pm


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