PinBank’s Pretend Play Money Print Set

We all know kids learn through play and the best way to have them learn about money and its uses is by having a pretend set ! No, I am not asking you to buy an expensive cash-register toy ( though you could sure) but how about printing out this play-money set? Make it a family art-craft activity and don’t forget to talk them through each object in the set , for eg when you print out the play credit card…give them a short orientation on how ccs work. Also, in case you were wondering, if you sign up on, you will get to know what Pin-bank is !

Enjoy and do let us know how  this pretend play set went about in your family.

Pin Bank Play Money Print Set (1)

pin bank 5 play money   pin bank 10 play money   pin bank 20 play money  pin bank 50 play money   pin bank 100 play money    pin bank Play credit Card  Pin Bank Play Cheques  Pin Bank Play Purse


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