What if…..

There is a great game I use often to teach about money, needs and wants –  what if you won a $1000 dollars in the lottery ? How would you use it? Save it in the Bank? Buy toys/chocolates? Use it for charity? Gift it to your family/friends? Start a small venture in summers with the money? The answers can be sweet and emotional ( visit my Granny), creative and funny ( give it to tooth fairy), serious and engaging ( save it for emergencies).


It is fun to play in a group ( children take turns) or with one child. You can play this with a pre-schooler or with an adolescent or a teenager. Expect different replies though ! It needs no tools except for a dose of imagination.And oh yes, a logical next step is to ask them to think if the things they want to buy/use are needs or wants.Discuss there are certain things you CAN’T buy with the lottery !Pretty neat. A lot of learning’s packed into a small question !

Go on -pose the question on a rainy afternoon and share the replies in a comment !


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