On Barter and Banter…

In my work-shops and events I have always been amazed by the ability of young children to embrace logical thinking and questioning once they have been guided a bit. Children like to question, argue and debate. They don’t have established prejudices or inhibitions and hence any thinking they do is naturally what adults call “out of the box”. It is obvious to my eyes, that teaching them through practical applications and through thinking aloud is far, far more effective then through text-book theories. Try teaching them about scarce resources and then just ask them  why do you think diamonds are more expensive then water and to watch them thinking through it is a treat to the eyes and the brain.Try shouting yourself hoarse on the history of money and then just ask them to barter among themselves and they will soon conclude why we moved on to coins.

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This is not to say they don’t need theories and books but it needs to be supplemented by examples and practical applications which I find lacking in curricular. Talking about successful entrepreneurship strategies is not as good as letting them run a venture of their own over summers.

This is a multi-disciplinary approach but works particularly well in my favorite FEM subjects ( Finance, Econ, Maths) and is core to Pinnacle‘s offerings and you can subscribe to our newsletter to hear more about our ideas, games and work-shops. In the mean-time let your children banter and barter among themselves and brace yourself for the learn through play model.

Do share with us your favorite educational -game to get theories across in a fun way !


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