Indeed a dream come true for each child !

Pinnacle recently visited Dream come true Educational park in the HK Airport Terminal 2 , Level 6. It is an indoor theme park where kids can role-play, dress-up and get simulated experiences in various work-environments. It fits in very well with our theme of giving kids educational entertainment, learning through play etc.

It is set in a huge area- and each kid on walking in gets a cute “passport”. Each session lasts 4 hours and kids can choose 5 “work-roles” among 20 ones offered currently. During role-play kids dress up in uniforms,  get some training and then participate in a final activity where they perform/act in their “roles. The most popular roles, I was told were pilots, fire-men, astronauts and airport-police.

008If your little one chooses to be a model, they get to dress up, learn how to walk like a model and then finally put up a “show” on a mock-ramp. If one chooses to be “nurse” they have to take care of babies ( dolls weighing 4 pounds each), feed them milk, change nappies etc. An astronaut would be in a simulated rocket launch and then walk the surface of the moon. Chefs would bake a “cookie” and a reporter would face the camera. Each work-role is different, cutely thought out and the final activities are rewarding to watch.

014The other facilities on offer include a souvenier/book/toy-shop, birthday-party area, a snack-

shop. Everything is written in Chinese but there are enough staff to help out with English. My little one chose to be a fire-fighter, chef,pilot , shop-keeper and a surgeon. What do you think yours will choose.Do you know other such parks/toys/museums where kids learn through play? Drop a comment here !   


Web-sitehttp: //

Cost : $320 each kid, $160 per adult

Timings : special for summer holidays 3 sessions : 9 am, 12.30 pm, 4 pm


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