Financial literacy essential life skill


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A very interesting article-link above in FT talking about “financial literacy” being an essential life skill now. Pinnacle couldn’t agree more. And talk about why countries like US score low inspite of teaching financial literacy in schools is probably because their curriculum is rigid and dry. Children like games, play and interaction….not traditional class-room oriented theories. And it makes sense to let them think,talk and debate through what they learn in those text-books anyways – through “practical applications” of theories.

Also, it makes sense to integrate topics like entrepreneurship, savings, charity within their maths, economics curriculum rather then talk about in isolation – we need a multi-disciplinary approach – and we need it in daily life-settings rather then abstract macro-terms.

Check out for a fun, online bank where kids get “pin-coins” to spend, save or share…and take a look at our “young entrepreneur contest” and other summer-camps filled with games and interactive sessions – give children the power to think and apply, not learn and repeat !


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