Three easy science experiments to do at home

Here are three quick and easy science experiments to do with your child on rainy/extra-hot days. All you need is some material available around your house-hold and some imagination!

  1. Let’s make rain: Take some cotton balls and a plastic glass filled with water. Add some blue food color in the water. Discuss a basic water-cycle with your child…ask him where rain comes from? Clouds – where do clouds get water from? Now give the cotton balls in her hand. Ask if it is heavy or light- ask them to dip the cotton in the glass and ask if it is heavy or light now? Squeeze the cotton (in the glass if possible heh-heh) and see water-drops trickling out…its raining!  Liken the cotton balls to clouds….clouds get heavy and then it rains.
  2. Let’s make a shaker: Take any plastic case or an empty bottle. Tap it lightly with a pencil and discuss how sound waves travel through vibrations. Put in a variety of material in the case and shake it. You could use paper, pencil shavings, cotton ball to start with and progress to coins and finally beads. Discuss the different noises made. You can decorate the shaker if you want. Shake the shaker and sing along to your child’s favorite tune!
  3. Let’s make colors:  Discuss the color-wheel with your child. What are primary colors? Give your child some paints and a brush and let them try to mix and make the secondary colors. It will be a lot of fun to try making green, orange and purple…let them guess making the combinations.
  4. Have fun ! And do share with us more such ideas !Image

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